Drumming Workshops

Drumming with the community

I would like to share my love and interest in drumming with the Inter Active Drumming Workshops, where everyone is encouraged to discover their own natural ability for rhythm and to find the confidence to take part in music making. Building an individual's self-confidence and esteem is a major focus of these workshops, whilst working together, listening to others and team building are other important aspects necessary for successful group drumming activities.

These highly successful workshops have been running for over 25 years. They will enhance, add value, enjoyment and benefits to the experience to all participants, and to people of all ages and abilities in your community.

The workshops are a fun ‘hands-on’ learning experience, with live performance on a large array of interesting percussion. It makes those attending aware of the rhythms that influence and affect our daily lives. There’s a chance to try out lots of unusual percussion instruments, group participation of samba drumming using authentic Brazilian percussion instruments, and everyone can learn to play the full drum kit!

The Value & benefits

Steve's Drumming Workshops are full of interest, fun, activity and learning. They can be tailored to suit your requirements and are suitable for people of all ages and abilities - including children, teenagers, adults and those with special needs. No drumming experience is necessary, so absolute beginners are most welcome, as are those with more musical knowledge. Everyone will leave having had fun, realised the music abilities they naturally possess, and having awakened their own creativity and desire to learn.

“Many thanks for your input to our conference this week.

I am sure you will be interested to know that your workshop session received a 100% top rating for satisfaction from delegates. The drumming performances certainly appear to have contributed to raising the level of the conference as well as reinforcing the art activity dimension we wanted to convey. I would be interested to discuss further what we might do at a future event.”

"Steve Laffy brings music to life for all ages and abilities. At Watford Museum he has delivered a range of hugely popular drumming workshops for children and adults, including groups with learning disabilities and mental health issues. Steve puts everyone at their ease with his teaching style and enthusiasm, enabling all participants to explore and enjoy music.Steve is a talented musician with excellent communication and organisational skills. He has reliability and commitment to providing the best experience for all, making him a perfect choice for any project or environment."

Des Kelly OBE. Executive Director - National Care Forum

"A great event with a real family feel. This is what Sunday opening in our library was supposed to be all about, and everyone seemed to have a great time. We filled all the spaces and everyone came away saying how much they enjoyed it".

Sarah Priestley. Heritage Officer, Watford Museum

Linda Mowles. Sudbury Libraries