Drum Coaching

Qualifications and drum kit teaching experience.

Steve is an experienced and successful drumming coach and teacher of drums and percussion, both privately and in music establishments from youth centres, colleges up to University level. His drum kit teaching includes publishing his own successful drum tutorial book/CDs (best seller on Amazon.co.uk), drumming DVD and online course at Udemy.com. Steve with his student and colleague Joel Felsenstein have recently launched 'Learn Drums International' a Face Book on-line forum for sharing ideas, skills and information about drumming. Steve's intention is to spread his love, knowledge, experience and enjoyment of playing the drums to others across the world.

Steve also runs independent drumming workshops, including the history of drums and drumming, playing kit drums and group Samba drumming. He has much experience in the business and administration side of music making, including managing his own bands, promotion and publicity with successful music grant applications from Arts Council of England, Welsh Assembly, Greater London Council, The Musicians Union and more.


Over the years Steve's career has included many aspects of drumming and the music business:


Trinity College, London - Music Practice Diploma (hons)     Rock School – Drum Kit Grade 8  

Studied in Havana, Cuba with Omar Puente     A member of the Vic Firth Education panel  

Studied with Brazilian percussionist Pato Fuentes     Performed with London School of Samba

Independent studies of Rock, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Latin and percussion  

Attended various Music Business Training courses  

Trained in sound recording at Twickenham Film Studios